Learn how the brains and health of your mind-heart-gut connection is vital to your mental wellness. 

Yes we have three brains!

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Even high-achievers stumble. 

The Lifestyle Empowerment Series

Our signature one-on-one offering,  focusing on inner transformation through a concierge wellness approach.

The Radiant Lifestyle Reset

 The Physician Enhancement  Series 

This series is designed to enhance your approach to patient care and increase sustainable positive outcomes.

This unique class focuses on discovering your inner edge in the poses through play and using props creatively.

Couture Experiences:  Speaking , Workshops  & Mini- Retreats

Bring your tribe together for a rejuvenating experience centered around inner wellness & brain health.

"Not a one size-fits-all approach"


A few months ago, I realized there were a lot of changes I needed to make in my life. Christine created a plan specifically for me, and she's personally invested in my success. I've lost over 15 inches, and this is the first summer in 10 years that I feel good taking off my shirt.  


"I'm pumped! I'm down two dress sizes and so much more!"


Christine focused on my whole well-being. The mind-body portion of the plan was new to me, and I love it and find it so empowering! I haven't felt this happy and healthy in years


"If you need to regain your health, Christine just may change your life."


Following chemotherapy, I was experiencing chronic fatigue, gut discomfort, and a range of experiences that I needed help to address. Within a few months of working with Christine, she helped me gain balance and control of my health again.  


    Your plan should be as unique as YOU.


Validation  Finally, get answers.

                            Customization  Receive a holistic health plan.

                   Resilience  Achieve sustainable wellness.

 The life you crave is one decision away.


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