Custom wellness support 

for the high-performers, 

heavy thinkers & over-doers.

Radiant Heart helps you free your mind & channel your inner fire - so you can live with radiance!  


Wellness starts from within - but it doesn't end there. Wellness starts here - and goes everywhere. 


When you struggle with fatigue, sleepless nightshormone imbalance, weight loss resistance, pain or anxiety

life gets harder—and your options narrow

You didn’t work this hard to limit yourself now.  


Wellness isn’t a single solution; it’s the ability to hold a  meaningful conversation between your body and your mind. Hard to do when those two aren’t speaking. 


Oh—there’s plenty of chatter going on in your head.  Most of it isn’t nice. But when you

actually learn to listen to—and love—your whole body, things change dramatically. 

Hi I'm Christine,


I work with high-performing individuals and recovery perfectionists who are feeling weighed down, distracted, and unable to do what they used to do, the way they used to do it. You desire the gift of longevity and an exceptional quality of life.


You’re not incapable of feeling healthy, expansive, and light again. All you need are new tools and new insights. This is the value of healing from the inside out.



When you decide to start having this conversation between your mind and your body, you realize you can shift on many levels.  You not only change how your body feels, you change how your life feels Let's start the conversation. 

Learn how the brains and health of your mind-heart-gut connection is vital to your mental wellness. 

Yes we have three brains!

Give Yourself The Gift of Freedom From Anxiety.

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Even high-achievers stumble. 

At some point in life, everyone struggles with some form of  health condition - brain fog, pain, anxiety, fatigue, and more.  I take a heart-centered, yet scientific approach to get clear on what your body needs to heal or increase longevity. Because once you understand what your body has been trying to tell you - you have the answers you need to get control of your life again!

(or to fly even higher!)

“I fill the gap between a diagnosis and your daily lifestyle.

I also fill the gap between your desire to live an exceptional life and actually living it. 

Together, we cultivate a space for you to heal your body, mind, and spirit so you can embrace joy and longevity!”  

Christine Morgenstern Shin, Founder of Radiant Heart

Dear Brilliant Type A Soul,


Welcome to  Radiant Heart! 

A space where nurturing your mental wellness, enhanced life longevity and your unique needs are our priority. At Radiant Heart, we help our clients thrive On every layer – mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual! 


We serve individuals with extra daily stress – the go-getters, the list slayers, the recovering perfectionists, …. Sound like anyone you know?


We empower high-performers like you to navigate your chronic stress, pain or fatigue, so you can move from a place of anxiousness, to discover resilience ~ and create the kind of life that really lights you up!


This restorative & innovative process is rooted in ancient wisdom, backed by modern science, and cultivated through love.


We lean into this interdisciplinary approach, because I wish you an easier journey than I.  Combining western and eastern health modalities was pivotal to me regaining control of my health. And I hope it will be for yours.


Your whole-self is perfectly designed. The experience of being “You” is a product of how your body, mind, and energetics, work together. That’s why when something is “off” in your life, I approach our work together holistically. 


Everything about you is unique – your history, your genetics, your trauma and even your happiness. Not to mention your beautiful mind, heart and even microbiome. Yes your gut!


We use your story, combined with environmental and lifestyle factors, to create a distinct roadmap for your healing journey. Each roadmap is as unique as your fingerprint! When you are ready, let’s free your mind and cultivate a desired life – one you absolutely adore!


From my radiant heart to yours ...




How we can help ...

Through the best of modern neuroscience and eastern wisdom practices,

 clinical science and a soulful blend of knowledge, all rooted in love. 

The Lifestyle Empowerment Series

Our signature one-on-one offering,  focusing on inner transformation through a concierge wellness approach.

Private Yoga: Therapeutics, Meditation and Mindfulness Series

Private yoga offering, focusing on the five layers of the body to enhance your health and lifestyle.

The Radiant Lifestyle Reset

 The Physician Enhancement  Series 

This series is designed to enhance your approach to patient care and increase sustainable positive outcomes.

     Yoga for Mindset & Wellness          Virtual Classes

This unique class focuses on discovering your inner edge in the poses through play and using props creatively.

Couture Experiences:  Speaking , Workshops  & Mini- Retreats

Bring your tribe together for a rejuvenating experience centered around inner wellness & brain health.

How we can help ...

Program details.

Private Yoga: Therapeutics, Meditation and Mindfulness Series


As a private offering, through trauma informed yoga teaching, we will focus on the five layers of the body to enhance your health and lifestyle. (mental, emotional, personality, breath and spiritual). 


Want to navigate chronic stress, anxiety, digestive distress, weight resistance, fatigue and pain naturally?  Mental Health conditions are our speciality, as well as the integrating somatic and therapeutic movement, modern neuroscience, neuroplasticity and eastern health practices to help you shift towards your best life. 


Please click the button below, if you would like to arrange a complimentary wellness discovery call. 

 The Physician Enhancement  Series 


Tailored for medical professionals, this series is designed to enhance your approach to patient care and increase sustainable positive outcomes. As a physician with a specialty, your expertise is unsurpassed and your functional focus is to diagnose the root causes of disease.


To support and complement your patient’s care, as a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP), I use epigenetics mastery, functional nutrition and the art of counseling to bridge the gap between your patient’s diagnosis and their daily living. Working functionally with your patients in a therapeutic partnership, we use a specific system to shift their inner terrain in order to promote sustainable healing.

If you are interested in exploring this physician – FNLP partnership, please click the button below.

Couture Experiences:  Speaking , Workshops  & Mini- Retreats


Corporate Performance, Small Business Connection or Girlfriend Gathering 

Treat yourself, friends, family, employees or coworkers to a well deserved escape! Bring your tribe together and immerse yourselves in a rejuvenating experience centered around mindfulness, building stress resilience, brain health and positive lifestyle change.  


This customized mini-retreat can feature your holistic topic of choice, best-practices for yoga, meditation and mindfulness, as well as strategies for invoking a simple lifestyle, and vibrant change. Learn how to live, eat and play well!

You can curate your own experience! Popular topics include:

  • Cultivating  Stress Resilience & Inner Wisdom while leveling up Performance
  • The Power of your Three Brains: How to balance your mind-heart-gut connection for mental wellness & longevity!
  • How to Navigate  Chronic Stress and Anxiety Naturally
  • Brain Health 101 - How to prevent Cognitive Decline
  • Map your Symptoms: Explore the Functional Nutrition Matrix & learn how your health condition manifests in your body, mind & lifestyle!

Duration typically ranges from 1  – 3 hours. Whether at your office or home, the ocean, a park or rooftop, all of our Couture Experiences are created to your specificity. The best part is Radiant Heart will bring the retreat to you! 

Reach out here for more information. For any questions about our service offerings, apply to our wait list for the Radiant Lifestyle Reset, interest in  physician-patient support or general questions, please use the form below. 

"Not a one size-fits-all approach"


A few months ago, I realized there were a lot of changes I needed to make in my life. Christine created a plan specifically for me, and she's personally invested in my success. I've lost over 15 inches, and this is the first summer in 10 years that I feel good taking off my shirt.  


"I'm pumped! I'm down two dress sizes and so much more!"


Christine focused on my whole well-being. The mind-body portion of the plan was new to me, and I love it and find it so empowering! I haven't felt this happy and healthy in years


"If you need to regain your health, Christine just may change your life."


Following chemotherapy, I was experiencing chronic fatigue, gut discomfort, and a range of experiences that I needed help to address. Within a few months of working with Christine, she helped me gain balance and control of my health again.  


    Your plan should be as unique as YOU.


Validation  Finally, get answers.

                            Customization  Receive a holistic health plan.

                   Resilience  Achieve sustainable wellness.

 The life you crave is one decision away.


The Radiant Experience


If you struggle with:

  • Frequent Anxiety
  • Stomach Distress
  • Inconsistant Moods
  • Stubborn Weight Loss Resistance
  • Constant Worry
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Mystery Pains

Your wellness plan is developed using: 

  • Investigative Research
  • Scientific Principles
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Modern Neuroscience
  • Yoga Therapy, Eastern Traditions
  • Mindset Resilience Coaching


Our promise:

  • A Custom Roadmap to Wellness
  • Validation for your experience
  • Practical Recovery Tools
  • More laughter & joy
  • Discovering your Inner Wisdom
  • A Dedicated Health Partner

Discover how to work with us

Learn how the brains and health of your mind-heart-gut connection is vital to your mental wellness.

Yes we have three brains!

Give Yourself The Gift of Freedom From Anxiety.

Fill out the form to download my free, easy-to-apply toolkit, Stress Relief Super Powers, and see how you can reduce your anxiety in 5 minutes or less! Enjoy your free gift today!